Take note ladies!

Will You Marry Me?!? Everything a Chick needs to know she can learn from Star Wars.

I still haven’t been able to see it again

Weekend Box Office “The Sum Of All Fears” tops the Weekend Box Office charts.


Kung-Fu Pandas Dreamworks has a concept for you: MASTER P, KUNG FU PANDA. The film will be total CG. In the story, a gang of snow leopards invades a bamboo jungle and the animals must find a prophesied warrior to […]

Hey Dan, so! Hey man, don’t keep me in suspense! Feed me the 411! Give me the info! Answer me, riddle me this: Are there any new films opening in theatres this weekend?!?! C’mon! Tell me!!!

Wow! That’s A Lot Of Punctuation! Ah yes, it’s a weekend where I will be walking a walk for charity, but even though I can walk the walk, no charity will be given to the 2 new films bowing at […]

Who wouldn’t?

Not A Literal Trip! Just A Figurative One. It’s day 212 on the set of “The Matrix” sequels. Wanna take a trip to see what is going on?

I haven’t found the opportunity to see it a fifth time yet!

STAR WARS: EPISODE II EASTER EGGS The Star Wars films are brimming with so much detail, that they require multiple viewings to soak it all in. First time screenings are to watch the main characters and the core story, but […]


The Fourth INDIANA JONES Movie Has A Release Date! Coming Attractions is reporting that the OFFICIAL release date for the next INDIANA JONES movie will be July 5th, 2005. Apparently this is a very reliable source for them, and they […]

I’ve got something I’d like her to pull! :)

Theron Ready to Pull THE ITALIAN JOB Charilize Theron is in negotiations to join Mark Wahlberg for THE ITALIAN JOB, a remake of the 1969 movie of the same name that starred Michael Caine and Benny Hill. In the new […]

He’s got two different coloured eyes!

Bowie Dusts Off ‘Ziggy Stardust’ Movie Ziggy will soon play guitar again when Cowboy Pictures begins a national reissue of the David Bowie concert film “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.” The film will open July 10 at New […]

Anna Paquin!

“X-Men 2” Lures Cumming to Role of Nightcrawler While Marvel’s wall crawler “Spider-Man” continues to rack up summer grosses for Sony, Fox has added a Nightcrawler to its Marvel franchise “X-Men.” Alan Cumming has signed to join the X-Men mutant […]