Go in the kitchen and get me some more pie!

All the Ingredients in Place for ‘Pie 3’
Universal Pictures has put together the pieces of “American Pie 3,” the sequel to one of the studio’s most profitable franchises.
Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Eugene Levy have signed to reprise their roles. They join Seann William Scott, who pacted earlier this week for a return. Jesse Dylan (“How High”) is negotiating to direct the script by Adam Herz.
The original “Pie” bowed in 1999, grossing more than $235 million worldwide on a modest budget. The second film did even better. Opening in August 2001, it set an opening weekend record for an R-rated comedy with $45 million and topped out at over $287 million worldwide.
The second sequel has been in the hatching stages for some time, but the dealmaking was complex. None of the players had sequel options that ran beyond “American Pie 2,” and all parties sought an extra large piece of the pie. Filming begins in January for an August 2003 release.