Seriously, it is only on the internet!

I have High Hopes For This Film Steven Spielberg has directed a new MINORITY REPORT trailer that can only be viewed on the internet!

But has George Lucas confirmed any of this?

The Original Vader Is Back David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in every scene except the one where they took off the mask has stated that he will be back for EPISODE III. This, along with the previous rumor that […]

Off to London, then?

London Sees 007 Museum Exhibit The London Science Museum has announced that they will open an exhibition this fall entitled Bond, James Bond. The exhibit will feature the various gadgets and vehicles used in the various James Bond movies, dating […]

What?!?! He’d rather film in America over Canada?!?!

The Jersey Girl Will Be A Philly Girl And Not A Toronto Girl Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will star in the next Kevin Smith film, JERSEY GIRL, which will be shot in Philadelphia this summer.

Whether we want it to or not…

…Jurassic Park 4 Will Exist Steven Spielberg has admitted that there will be a fourth JURASSIC PARK movie, though he won’t be directing it. He said there is a great idea for a story, and he wants Johnston to direct […]

What, the curtains?

Shrek Gains A Python For the in progress SHREK sequel it looks like we’re at least going to get to meet Princess Fiona’s father. Maybe we’ll even find out how she got stuck in that tower to begin with. So […]

This sucks, the movie better not!

In My Books Shaggy Is Still A Stoner! The new SCOOBY- DOO movie, opening Friday, has dropped the cartoon’s drug subtext.

Noooooooo! Leave my beloved Underdog alone!

‘Underdog’ a New Pet Project Spyglass Entertainment, the Disney-based producer of “The Sixth Sense,” has nabbed the feature film rights to the 1960s cartoon series “Underdog.” A broad comedy that parodies the superhero genre, “Underdog” is the story of an […]

Gimme Gimli!

BACK TO MIDDLE-EARTH Fox News is reporting that Peter Jackson has recalled the cast and crew of LORD OF THE RINGS to New Zealand to shoot additional footage, including battle scenes, for the second installment, THE TWO TOWERS, due this […]

Finally a list that got it right!

‘Casablanca’ Tops List of Movie Romances When it comes to movies and romance, they don’t make them like they used to. At least, that is what directors, writers, actors and other filmmakers polled by the American Film Institute think. They […]