The story is irrelevant. I just like looking at pictures of Jewel. Yummy!

Looking At Pictures Of Jewel
Singer-songwriter sweet honey mama Jewel and her manager-mother Lenedra Carroll have created production company Magic Lantern Entertainment and made their first script purchase, “Wave” by tyro scribe David Rothmiller.
Jewel, who co-starred with “Spider- Man” Tobey Maguire in Ang Lee’s “Ride With the Devil,” will appear in the ensemble drama, which chronicles the chaos surrounding the reunion of a mother and her estranged son in a small island community off the west coast of Canada.
Jewel (last name: Kilcher) and Carroll will serve as executive producers on the project.
Carroll said Magic Lantern will look to do more projects with new talent. Magic Lantern falls under the duo’s umbrella org, the Mami Organization. They have produced videos in the past for their nonprofit organization Higher Ground for Humanity, which works toward providing clean water throughout the world.
Jewel, who had the breakthrough hit “Who Will Save Your Soul” six years ago, recently wrapped up a tour in support of her latest Atlantic album, “This Way,” her fifth for the label. She will do a five-week solo tour starting this month.