She’s 18 already?!?!? Man am I old!!!

Cobain daughter inherits fortune
Tragic Kurt Cobain’s little girl has gone from teen student to super-rich kid overnight after inheriting a large chunk of her late father’s fortune as an 18th birthday gift.
Frances Bean Cobain hit the legal age on Wednesday and will pick up almost 40 per cent of her father’s estate, according to experts.
The teen, whose mother is rocker Courtney Love, was just about to turn two when her father killed himself in 1994.
Little is known about the reclusive rock offspring’s birthday plans – but she won’t be blowing out candles with her mom.
Frances was placed under the guardianship of her grandmother, Wendy O’Connor, after falling out with Love last year, and the move to distance herself from the Hole rocker has only served to infuriate Love, who attacked her daughter in online rants.
The 18 year old will kick off adulthood at Bard College in upstate New York next month, and she’ll be one of the most well-off kids on campus thanks to a trust fund set up in her name three years after her father’s death.