Here’s hoping for a better outcome for him this time!!

Soundgarden rocker broke, homeless
The Soundgarden reunion could not have come at a better time for bassist Ben Shepherd, who confessed he’s broke and “technically homeless”.
In an interview with Spin magazine, Shepherd admits he has been sleeping at friends’ homes after breaking up with his girlfriend.
He tells the publication, “I’ve been sleeping on studio couches and at friends’ houses. I’m totally broke.”
But Shepherd, 41, admits his current predicament is nothing compared to the low he experienced when Soundgarden split in the late 1990s.
He recalls, “My whole life seemed over. Soundgarden broke up; my other band, Hater, broke up; my fiancee broke up with me, and then I broke three ribs.
“I got addicted to pain pills, drank a ton, and wound up OD’ing on morphine. I was laid out in my house for five days, and no one knew it. It was a f**king horrible time.”