Which one is he?!?

Sum 41 guitarist quits band to focus on new project: reports
TORONTO (CP) – Sum 41 is minus one guitarist.
Dave Brownsound has reportedly left the pop-punk group to focus on his new band, Brown Brigade, which will have a heavier metal sound. “I couldn’t continue on creatively in Sum 41 without being a thorn in the side of the band,” Brownsound said in a statement quoted by
“As people grow, they change. All I can ask is that our fans understand and accept my thanks for being there for me whenever I was feeling happy, sad or depressed.”
Brownsound, whose real name is Dave Baksh, said the split was amicable after more than a decade of brash, catchy hits with bandmates Deryck Whibley, Steve Jocz and Jason (Cone) McCaslin.
“We are brothers and no matter what, they are Sum 41 and they will make an incredible album. Peace love and all of the above,” he said.
Mike Renaud, the president of Upper Management – which represents the guitarist – told that the split was simply a matter of Baksh wanting to focus his creative energies elsewhere.
“He’s got a new band called Brown Brigade, and he felt it was time to make a switch,” Renaud said.
“There’s no bad blood between anyone in Sum, and Dave is incredibly proud of everything he did with the band.