I’m not sure I am that interested, but if the music is good I might be.

OutKast Album, Film Penciled In For August
After numerous delays, the OutKast film “Idlewild” is now slated to arrive Aug. 25 in U.S. theaters, three days after the release of its LaFace soundtrack. The first single from the album, “Mighty O,” leaked online earlier this week. The cut features OutKast’s take on Cab Calloway’s famous scatting from “Minnie the Moocher.”
Andre 3000’s verse finds him resisting easy categorization: “The damsels in distress but they a mess / They only like my armor and that I’m a performer/ They read one magazine and want to think they’re getting warmer / They’re only getting colder.”
Big Boi, meanwhile, reasserts his dominance over other rappers with lines like “Intended for anyone filling out this application / An estimate is needed for your underestimation / I’m firing on the spot, go back and check your calculations.” Later, he threatens, “I’ll hurt you like the president’s approval rating by serving you’re a** with words, fool.”
Written and directed by Bryan Barber, “Idlewild” is set in the 1930s around the music and business of running a speakeasy. While it will fit the film’s context, Big Boi told last year not to expect period music.
“It’s hip-hop. It’s OutKast. It is what we’ve been doing for years,” he said. “Some songs have a little more piano or whatever, but the whole project was a natural progression from a double CD [OutKast’s 2003 album “Speakerboxx/The Love Below”]. It was like, where do we go from here?”
Recording artists Patti LaBelle, Macy Gray and Fishbone’s Angelo Moore also appear in “Idlewild,” along with actors Terrence Howard, Faizon Love, Ben Vereen and Cicely Tyson, among others.