Interesting decision.

FOX shelves weather-themed Seth MacFarlane crossover
Seth MacFarlane has rarely shied from controversial topics or from poking fun at things other people might find insensitive. FOX, on the other hand, has a threshold.
In light of the weather events that raged across the American South this week, leaving a swath of destruction and hundreds of casualties in their wake, FOX has quietly shelved this Sunday’s (May 1) three-episode “American Dad”/”The Cleveland Show”/”Family Guy” crossover.
The Animation Domination crossover, which had been promoted as unprecedented early this week, was set against the backdrop of a hurricane hitting Stoolbend, Quahog and Langley Falls.
For reasons entirely self-evident, FOX has decided that this may not have been the most appropriate weekend to showcase storm-set comedy.
A trio of repeats are now slated in place of the crossover. It’s hard to imagine FOX shelving the three original episodes permanently, but as of now, no official rescheduling has occurred.