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Forecast for Reynish is return to weekend radio
CBC Radio listeners will be hearing a familiar voice starting May 14.
Dan Reynish will return to Saskatchewan Weekend after a year and a half as the weather presenter on the TV news.
“The story with TV was that we found a fantastic person to come in and do the weather on TV,” said Reynish.
Reynish hosted the Saturday and Sunday morning show for six and a half years.
“The fun thing about it is that I know that there are people out there who are excited about this, and I match their excitement.”
Jamie Mauracher from Winnipeg will assume TV weather duties and Candace Holmstrom will go from Saskatchewan Weekend to the afternoon news, Reynish said.
He wanted to try television when the opportunity came up, but often heard from fans of Saskatchewan Weekend that they missed him. At the recent world curling championships, Reynish was encouraged to have fans tell him “When are you going to be done playing with television?”
They’d also ask about his mother, whom he’d phone up on Mother’s Day in Newfoundland. Reynish was flabbergasted – he hadn’t talked to his mother on air for more than two years.
“I just hope they can forgive me for staying away,” he says of his listeners.
Only Reynish’s internal clock will be unhappy with the move. On TV, he was in the office by 11 a.m. For radio, he has to wake up at 3: 30 in the morning.