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Crystal in ëSallyí sequel spoof
Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren have teamed up for a new vampire movie trailer spoof, inspired by the comedian’s hit 1989 film When Harry Met Sally.
In’s Grampires: When Harry Bit Sharon, Crystal’s Harry character is trying to cope with life in an old folks’ home after the death of his wife Sally when he meets fussy Sharon, played by Oscar winner Mirren. Sharon turns out to be a vampire looking for a mate to spend eternity with.
The odd couple goes on a killing spree, sucking the blood from fellow pensioners and trying not to get excited when they spot blood at family functions.
In a hilarious twist, boxer Mike Tyson plays a cop who determines vampires are to blame for the deaths of the old folks.
He says, “We’ve gotta kill us some motherf**king grampires.”
Mirren even recreates Meg Ryan’s famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally while dining on an elderly victim in a park.
The spoof trailer ends with another take on a sequel – Grombies: When Harry Ate Sharon – in which the two stars appear as zombies, chatting about the first time they met.

When Harry Met Sally 2 with Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren from Billy Crystal