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Box Office Preview: Little doubt ‘Fockers’ to win
LOS ANGELES ñ Universal’s “Little Fockers,” the latest installment in the successful comedy franchise that began 10 years ago, is set to bring home yet another No. 1 debut for Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and their reunited family of A-listers.
“Meet the Parents” was the seventh highest grossing release of 2000, earning $166.2 million in the wake of an October weekend debut of $28.6 million. Its sequel, 2004’s “Meet the Fockers,” switched to the holiday season and collected $46.1 million in its first weekend, on the way to becoming the fourth highest grossing film of that year with $279.2 million. Despite weak reviews, the latest “Fockers” should land somewhere between the first two in the high $20 million to low $30 million range for the weekend.
Last weekend’s No. 1 film, “Tron: Legacy” from Disney, will drop to the second spot with between $20 million and $25 million over the Christmas weekend as it races toward a total so far of $80 million and beyond. The action sci-fi film did well midweek, with an impressive $6 million on Monday alone, and should maintain a solid audience base through the holidays.
Notably, this sets up a rare opportunity for “Tron’s” Jeff Bridges to become Mr. Box Office and have two films in which he stars in the top five ó the other being Paramount’s debuting “True Grit,” a remake of the 1969 film with Bridges in the John Wayne role.
The Coen Brothers make a very faithful adaptation of the Charles Portis novel while paying homage to the original movie and at the same time putting their signature visual stamp on the film. Add to that credible performances by Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and amazing newcomer Hailee Steinfeld and “True Grit” is an Oscar contender for sure. The film opened Wednesday but will hit its stride on Christmas night, when adults with renewed free time will seek out the film and help it to earn in the mid-teens for the weekend.
Another newcomer, “Gulliver’s Travels” from 20th Century Fox, journeys into the fray in a fight for fourth place against sophomore “Yogi Bear” from Warner Bros., with each likely grossing around $10 million for the weekend. But this match could also include the second week of wide release for Paramount’s critically acclaimed “The Fighter.”
All in all, an important weekend at the movies as the final wide releases of the year enter the marketplace hoping for a little holiday cheer after a slowish season so far.