At times, the show was great!! At times!!!

Kenny vs. Spenny comes to an end
Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice are ending their longterm television rivalry.
Their Toronto-shot TV show Kenny vs. Spenny is to end its run after 87 episodes with an hour of the cruellest stunts they can imagine.
The Kenny vs Spenny Christmas Special to screen Thursday on Showcase marks the end of six seasons for the series, which features the friends engaging in week after week of ridiculous male one-upmanship.
“Spenny killed it. Spenny killed the show รณ he didn’t want to do it anymore, he’s a quitter,” the wisecracking Hotz says of his longtime rival.
“Not true,” Rice said. “I didn’t want to do it from season one … but I didn’t kill it…. We both, at the exact same moment and time, decided, ‘Enough.’ ”
The Christmas special marks the final showdown, with Spenny setting out to make a feel-good Christmas variety show, while Kenny undercuts his every move.
Rice has suffered years of public humiliation from Kenny, who often resorts to underhanded tactics.
They’re retiring from each other, but not from comedy. Rice is back on Showcase with Single White Spenny, about a man looking for love in all the wrong places.
Hotz will have a half-hour show, Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will.