Saying things like this is why she’ll win!!

Sandra Bullock: ‘I’m So Not Winning an Oscar!’
Sandra Bullock has news for anyone waiting to see her give an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards ñ don’t hold your breath!
“I’m so not winning an Oscar,” Bullock, who received her first-ever nomination, as best actress for The Blind Side, told reporters at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Friday, where she received the American Riviera Award for her influence on film.
Bullock considers herself an expert oddsmaker for the annual awards show, so she has strong feelings about her own chance for victory. “Nine times out of ten I always pick who’s going to win,” the actress, 45, said. “And I already know who’s going to win. I’m not going to say, but nine times out of ten, I’m right.”
Bullock isn’t practicing false humility. After all, sheís already won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award this year. Sheís just not overanxious to snag the trophy. “I have to say, all the ladies in our category, we don’t care who wins,” she said. “Someone’s going to win and the rest of us will be really happy for whoever won. We’re just happy to be here. And we like the company we’re in.”
Bullock admitted she has to push herself into enjoying the build-up to the Academy Awards. “It’s amazing how you are asked to hit the ground running the minute you hear the news,” she said. “It’s not like you can sit back and have bonbons and champagne.”
“I thought that’s what it was about,” she said. “I had it already. I said, ‘OK, where are the bonbons and champagne?’ No one brought me any. They just told me I had to work. So I’m like, ‘OK.’ ”
Everyday Tasks
“I’m so bad at taking in compliments or flattery,” she said. “I’m better taking in the bad than I am the good. So I’m trying very hard just to be present and enjoy the moments.”
She’s also embracing the everyday tasks at home which keep her grounded. “You go home and you have to pick up dog poop ñ and we have a two-legged dog,” she says. “To me, that’s not mundane, though. Life is tricky enough that I actually love and embrace the normal day-to-day rituals. You get up, you make your coffee, read your paper, you do the school run, you go do your things. I’m just lucky that I get to do them.”