Sean Connery In Indiana Jones 5?
At one point there were rumors that Sean Connery would show up in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, reprising the role he last played in 1989 as Indy’s father Henry Jones. Lucas and Spielberg opted instead to make Henry dead. Now they may want to bring him back.
The website Ireland Online claims to have an inside source with information on the direction being taken with the now all but inevitable Indiana Jones 5. What their shadowy, mysterious, and probably wrong scooper tells them is that Sean Connery is in. He says, ìSteven Spielberg has been working on a script with George Lucas and there is an element of the story that could see Sean returning.î
Odds are this rumorís just what it seems, a load of bunk. But where thereís Indy talk thereís always an anonymous source willing to float out the name of Sir Sean. Still the timing is rather well done. It was only a few days ago that Harrison Ford revealed Spielberg and Lucas are actively working on the fifth Indiana Jones script. Itís just a little hard to believe that after skipping Indy 4 Henry Jones might show up in it.
The fact that his character is rather dead isnít the only obstacle to Conneryís return. Lucas can invent something, maybe blame his resurrection on midichlorians or something. But would Connery want to return? Last we heard the elderly actor was happily retired. Back in 2007 when rumors swirled that they might write him into Indiana Jones 4 Connery had this to say, ìretirement is just too damned much fun.î Itís been a couple of years though and assuming the seventy-nine year old actor is still mobile, he could be getting sick of puttering around in the garage. Maybe he’s bored. Maybe theyíll talk him into it and invent something to bring him back from the dead. Indiana Jones and the Zombie Dad? Can’t be worse than the last one.