Wow, she has no filter at all, does she?!

Katherine Heiglís First Day back at Greyís Was ëCruel and Meaní
Katherine Heigl may be back to work on the set of Greyís Anatomy, but according to the actress, it hasnít been a super-happy homecoming.
ìOur first day back was Wednesday and it was ó Iím going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them ó a 17-hour day,î Heigl told David Letterman during a visit to the Late Show on Monday, ìwhich I think is cruel and mean.î
One reason for her lack of pep: her good pal T.R. Knightís departure from the show.
ìIt was actually kind of really great to be back,î she said. ìAll my friends are there and at this point, theyíre sort of like family, but it was a little weird because [T.R.]ís not there anymore.î
As open as she is about her feelings about the show, Heigl remained tight-lipped about the fate of her character, who was last seen in an ambiguous scene after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor. ìYou last saw Izzie, you know, flatlining,î she told Letterman. ìSo, I wonít give it away but, you know, Iím there so Iím either there as a ghost, on the other side or I survived a disease no one survives.î
ìIím guessing if youíre working 17 hours, that means youíre not dead,î Letterman observed.
Heiglís reply: ìWhat if, however, Dave, I was in a bed in a coma for 17 hours, they could do that to me.î
Despite the long days shooting the medical drama, Heigl said she hopes Greyís Anatomy, which returns to ABC on Sept. 24, will stick around for a while.
ìWe have another two years, I think, at least in the contract,î she said. “Hopefully the show goes, you know, ER time, which would be cool.î