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ìThe Beatles: Rock Bandî Announces 15 New Tracks
The debut of The Beatles: Rock Band is still well over a month away, but early glimpses of the video game suggest another wave of Fab Four hysteria canít be far off. On his current tour, Paul McCartney has already revealed some charming animated footage from the game. And at a recent preview session at MTV in Santa Monica, California, Rolling Stone got an up-close look at the most exciting version of Rock Band yet.
As has been previously reported, the game comes with 45 remastered tracks, and Abbey Road will become available for download at the same time as the titleís September 9th release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Fifteen more tracks ó and their venues ó have been announced today, including ìCanít Buy Me Loveî at the Ed Sullivan Theater, ìPaperback Writerî at Budokan and ìIíve Got A Feelingî at the rooftop concert (full list below).
A hands-on test of the game suggests it could sometimes be a challenge to keep up with George Harrisonís guitar on ìDay Tripperî and ìHere Comes the Sun.î And your luck singing along (and actually hitting the right notes) with John Lennon and McCartney is measured within the game. As previously reported, The Beatles: Rock Band allows for three-part harmony (a vocal training session in the game will help with that) and rocking on the Beatlesí signature instruments: a Hˆfner bass, Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars and Ludwig drums.
Fans will also find rare bits of Fab ephemera otherwise unavailable on the albums embedded in the game. According to a spokesman for MTV Games/Harmonix, McCartney personally did some unofficial fact-checking for the game, making small adjustments in the chronology. Before now, the Beatles have been totally unavailable to fans of Rock Band (or rival Guitar Hero), but the delay has led to a Beatles version of the game that pushes the technology further, finally offering a digitized magical mystery tour that is a vivid, multi-layered experience for a new era.
Confirmed songs for The Beatles: Rock Band:
ìTwist And Shoutî / Cavern Club
ìDo You Want To Know A Secretî / Cavern Club
ìCanít Buy Me Loveî / Ed Sullivan Theater
ìI Wanna Be Your Manî / Ed Sullivan Theater
ìEight Days A Weekî / Shea Stadium
ìPaperback Writerî / Budokan
ìAnd Your Bird Can Singî / Budokan
ìYellow Submarineî / Abbey Road Dreamscape
ìSgt. Pepperís Lonely Hearts Club Bandî / Abbey Road Dreamscape
ìWith a Little Help from My Friendsî / Abbey Road Dreamscape
ìWithin You Without Youî / Tomorrow Never Knows / Abbey Road Dreamscape
ìRevolutionî / Abbey Road Dreamscape
ìBirthdayî / Abbey Road Dreamscape
ìDig A Ponyî / Rooftop Concert
ìIíve Got A Feelingî / Rooftop Concert
ìI Saw Her Standing Thereî
ìI Want To Hold Your Handî
ìI Feel Fineî
ìDay Tripperî
ìBack In The USSRî
ìI Am The Walrusî
ìOctopusís Gardenî
ìHere Comes The Sunî
ìGet Backî