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Emily Blunt targets ‘Iron Man 2’
Another day, another “Iron Man 2” casting rumour.
Variety claims Emily Blunt may be cast in the superhero sequel as Natasha Romanoff, also known as Russian assassin The Black Widow. In the Marvel comic books, Romanoff begins life as a foil to both Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man. She eventually mends her ways and joins Iron Man in the supergroup The Avengers. Should writer Jon Favreau choose to follow the Marvel Ultimate storyline, Romanoff’s role is considerably darker and more morally ambiguous.
The movie’s casting has made news this month. Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson raised questions about whether he’d reprise his role as superspy Nick Fury in “Iron Man 2,” not to mention a host of other Marvel movies. Last week, “The Wrestler” star Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell circled villainous roles; Rourke is rumored to be in the running for Russian mercenary Crimson Dynamo, while Rockwell’s potential role has not been revealed.
Blunt, 25, can be seen this year in “The Wolfman,” a remake of the classic Universal monster movie, alongside Benicio del Toro.