Ben was great!!

Olbermann gives Affleck an ‘A+’
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and a “flattered” Keith Olbermann is giving Ben Affleck high marks for his Saturday Night Live impersonation. “As a technical achievement, it was an A+,” Olbermann told TV Newser’s Gail Shister. “Ben got most of the facial expressions right, and the camera turns were hilarious.”
He adds, “From the moment I heard about it as they rehearsed on Friday, I was flattered. I might nitpick the details, but there is a status implied by this. Especially running it before midnight. Especially having the host doing the impression. Also, you can kvetch now and again about criticism, and Lord knows I do, but if you are insulted by something like this, it’s time to become a Park Ranger.”