Doctor Who

Has he changed his mind since then?

Moffat Favoured Older Actor for Who Role in ’99
An article appearing in The Sun quotes comments incoming showrunner Steven Moffat made to Doctor Who Magazine in 1999, using them to suggest that the casting of the next Doctor could go to an older actor.
Moffat is quoted as saying: “Although I loved Peter Davison and Paul McGann, probably the best two actors in the role, I donít think young, dashing Doctors are right at all.
“He should be 40-plus and weird-looking ó the kind of wacky grandfather kids know on sight to be secretly one of them.”
The article also speculates that the next lead actor will be well-known, quoting Moffat as having said: “Any actor with the ëright stuffí is unlikely to be a complete unknown.”
David Tennant continues in the role of the Doctor through the 2009 television specials and a new Doctor will be introduced when Moffat takes the reins in 2010.