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Just 34 hours left for TV’s “Lost”
SAN DIEGO – “Lost” fans can start expecting some answers.
Writer-producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof said Friday that they know exactly how the ABC series will end.
“We have 34 hours left for you guys to see รณ seasons five and six,” Lindelof told the Comic-Con crowd. “We owe answers. We know the answers that we owe. The questions have to begin to diminish.”
“We know where we’re going and we know how long we have left to tell the story,” Cuse added. “There’s also an organic process that goes on.”
They compared the process to a road trip, which can often include alternate routes and unexpected stops.
The showrunners said they will continue to supplement their storytelling with Webisodes, mobisodes (on mobile devices) and games.
“We’re doing it primarily for the die-hard fans of the show,” Lindelof said.
They offered no spoilers at Entertainment Weekly’s panel dedicated to visionary TV producers. But they did reveal they’d like to see the return of Mr. Eko.
“Mr. Eko was a character we really loved,” Cuse said of the role played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Turns out the British actor didn’t like living and working on an island.
“Hawaii was not his bag,” Cuse continued. “Real life intervened and forced us to end the arc of that character much sooner than we would have liked.”
No word on whether Mr. Eko will come back when “Lost” returns this fall.