The Simpsons

Love those DVD box sets!!

The Simpsons hit the decade mark
Well, at the rate Simpsons DVDs are hitting the market, we’ll be all caught up… by 2014. The good news is that The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season is arriving this summer with a great assortment of extras.
The set will contain the complete season along with commentary tracks on seventeen episodes, A Line from Matt Groening, deleted scenes with optional commentary, animation showcases and animatics, a sneek peak at the upcoming movie, several Butterfinger spots & an Intel spot, some Australian promos for CC’s Chips, a sketch gallery, a featurette on crank calls and a bit from the animators. Missing this time around is the odd foreign language clips.
All joking about the schedule aside, each season set for The Simpsons continues to be a work of high commitment to great DVDs. A tip of the hat to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The set arrives on August 7th for $49.98 and will come in both a Bart head box and a traditional box. Word from Fox is that starting with season 11 a new box scheme may come into play.