Did you ever see an episode?!?!

Gill Deacon show cancelled
CBC Television is cancelling the Gill Deacon Show, the daytime lifestyle and living show hosted by Gill Deacon.
The last show will be aired May 30 and there will be a selection of “best of” episodes aired the following week, then it will air in reruns this summer.
The show was cancelled because it wasnít pulling in enough viewers, said CBC spokesman Jeff Keay, so itís “back to the drawing board” for midday programming, he said.
“It just didnít seem to resonate with an audience,” said Keay.
Deacon was an upbeat host who focused on crafts projects, cooking and feel-good stories, rather than the celebrity fodder of much daytime TV.
The show was among a slate of new shows that began last year.
It is not known what will fill the 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. time slot in the fall. CBC will announce its new lineup at the end of May.