More action? Yes please!!

Superman Promises More Action Next Time Around
Brandon Routh, the actor who played Superman in last year’s franchise revival Superman Returns, has indicated that the producers of the next sequel were sensitive to audience and critical complaints that the film lacked sufficient action sequences.
In an interview with the online edition of Britain’s Empire magazine, Routh said that the last man-of-steel movie was formulated so that it would show Superman’s love for Lois Lane and villain Rex Luthor using that against him.
“I just know that in the next film there will be a lot of action and I’m gonna get to fight something, or someone. An enemy with real physical power might be worked in there, definitely.”
Routh provided no details, saying only that the sequel was about to begin pre-production “so there’s a lot of ideas in the air and a lot of discussion about what’s going to happen with it. I promise a lot of excitement.”