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Fall Out Boy Ready To Rock On Honda Civic Tour
Pete Wentz says Fall Out Boy fans can expect “the biggest Fall Out Boy show they’ve ever seen” on the upcoming Honda Civic Tour, which begins April 18 in Charlotte, N.C. But, he adds, big is a relative term.
“A lot of bands right now are doing these really theatrical shows,” Wentz tells “Our friends Panic! At The Disco did this almost circus on stage, and it was crazy. But that’s not what our band is. Our band’s a rock band, so we look to bands like what Guns N’ Roses used to do and what Metallica does and Foo Fighters and bands like that as far as what we’re gonna do with our show. It’s just gonna be a really, really, really big rock show.”
Wentz says that in addition to playing the hits and pumping its latest album, “Infinity on High,” the quartet plans to play songs from its catalog that have never been performed live, as well as re-arranged versions of other tracks and covers. “It’ll be right back to Michael Jackson, probably,” Wentz says of the latter. “I’d say expect Jackson 5 or ‘Beat It’ or something like that.”
Fall Out Boy chose the other bands for the Honda Civic Tour bill, and Wentz says there were specific reasons to include all of them. They share a label with The Academy Is… and Cobra Starship, while rapper Paul Wall is a personal favorite who Wentz acknowledges “some people are gonna love us for and some people are gonna hate us for.”
+44, meanwhile, is a chance to pay back blink-182 vets Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker for including Fall Out Boy on one of its tours. “And then,” Wentz adds, “I feel like, as a band, we’re really in our adolescence and we need someone who’s gone through that before to … show us the ropes and kind of just be around. I think Mark and Travis definitely represent that.”
After the 43-date Honda Civic Tour wraps June 10-11 in Chicago, Wentz says Fall Out Boy plans to play some European festivals in the summer and then “go some places we’ve never been before, like Dubai and South Africa.” The group also hopes to go to Uganda, where it works with the awareness group Invisible Children.