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Genesis to kick off tour in Toronto
TORONTO (CP) – British supergroup Genesis will kick off their North American reunion tour in Toronto this September.
The “Turn it on Again” tour – named for one of the band’s prog-rock hits – lands in the city on Sept. 7 and in Montreal on Sept. 14 following a stint in Europe. Front man Phil Collins told a New York news conference that the 13-city run will include a sampling of the band’s best-loved hits, but no solo material.
Ticket for the Montreal show go on sale Saturday, while tickets for the Toronto show go on sale Monday.
Genesis was one of the biggest bands of the 1970s and ’80s, with hits such as “Follow You, Follow Me,” “That’s All” and “Invisible Touch.”
Collins says Peter Gabriel, the band’s original singer, was too busy with a solo project to join the reunion, the band’s first North American tour in 15 years.
Collins, who quit the band to go on a lucrative solo career in 1996, said Wednesday that he’s been encouraged to hear that many younger fans have emerged since the group left the limelight.
“There’s a lot of people that I’ve met… people that kind of said (that a tour is) great, because I was too young to see you the first time,” said Collins, 56, joined at the announcement by bandmates Mike Rutherford, 56, and Tony Banks, 56.
“They’ve heard it through their families – moms and dads played it in the house or the kids grow up with it – but they never saw us.”
Collins insisted the reunion was not motivated by money, noting that if it was they’d do a far greater number of shows.
“We’re still great friends, you know, and we’ve been great friends since I left the band…. and we’ve talked about it all the time every time we’ve met to do something and now is as good a time as (any).”
Genesis was founded in the mid-1960s by Rutherford, Banks, Anthony Phillips and singer Gabriel, who left the group in 1975 and was replaced on vocals by drummer Collins.