No, it isn’t as good as it used to be, but it is still better than most shows on TV – including “Two And A Half Men”!!

Braff gets ‘Scrubs’ extension
Zach Braff could make an awful lot of money to return for a seventh season of “Scrubs.” Now NBC just has to want a seventh season of “Scrubs.”
Braff has reportedly reached a one-year deal with Touchstone TV that will pay him a whopping $350,000-plus per episode for a 2007-08 season of “Scrubs.”
According to The Hollywood Reporter, though, Braff will only make that money if NBC renews the medical comedy. That seems fair, right?
Fortunately, NBC is expected to keep the series around for one more season, with Braff’s deal serving as a major hang-up. Back in January, “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence told reporters that if Braff stuck around, he’d like to keep the show going.
An Emmy nominee for his work as Dr. John Dorian, Braff will now make a per-episode salary in line with Charlie Sheen’s recent deal to topline “Two and a Half Men.” Of course, “Men” averages nearly 15.2 million viewers per week, while “Scrubs” pulls in closer to 6.9 million. Hollywood is wacky like that.
Braff found box office success as writer-director-star of “Garden State,” but failed to strike gold with last fall’s “Last Kiss.” He next stars in the comedy “The Ex,” which has been bouncing around release schedules since a very brief premiere as “Fast Track” last winter.