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St. Elsewhere – Some good news about Season 1
Over its six-season run, the ground-breaking, critically acclaimed St. Elsewhere was nominated for over 60 Emmy Awards, winning 13 of them!
This remarkable series, paved the way for later TV classics such as E.R. and Chicago Hope, while introducing America to future superstars Mark Harmon, Howie Mandel, and Oscar-winner Denzel Washington. Eccentric, insightful, and intelligent, St. Elsewhere is considered to be one of the best dramas ever to air on broadcast television.
Fox hasn’t officially announced the first season of St. Elsewhere (and it’s been awhile since we posted the rumor it was coming), but a retailer was kind enough to send us the info for the set.
The first season will be released in a 4 disc set (DVD-14s) on December 12. The 22 episodes (1078 mins) will be presented in Full Frame (1.33:1), along with English stereo audio, and mono Spanish (likely with matching subtitles, though we didn’t receive word on those). The set will retail for $39.98 US, or $54.98 CAN.
Disc 1 side A:
Down’s Syndrome
Cora & Arnie
Disc 1 side B:
Samuels & The Kid
Legionnaires (Pt 1)
Disc 2 side A:
Legionnaires (Pt 2)
Tweety & Ralph
Disc 2 side B:
Disc 3 side A:
Family History
Monday, Tuesday, Sven’s Day
The Count
Disc 3 side B:
Dog Day Hospital
Disc 4 side A:
Craig In Love
Disc 4 side B:
Baron Von Munchausen
The set’s extras will include:
Commentary on selected episodes
“Cora & Arnie: An Outstanding Episode”
“St. Elsewhere: The Place To Be”
Tim Robbins Piece
David Morse Piece