He “gets” a cameo, the show “gets” all this free publicity, what do you and I “get”?

PM Harper gets cameo on ‘Corner Gas’
ROULEAU, Sask. (CP) – Prime Minister Stephen Harper used his first official trip to Saskatchewan on Tuesday to film a cameo appearance on the hit television comedy Corner Gas.
Reporters, who got wind of the prime minister’s guest spot a day earlier, were kept well back and not allowed to see how he performed in front of the cameras. But producers said Harper, who has the reputation of being rather stuffy, appeared relaxed as he filmed the spot and was actually quite funny.
“He was kind of like an old pro,” said Virgina Thompson, an executive producer with the show.
“It really went off without a hitch and I think everybody had a good time.”
Thompson described Harper’s sense of humour as “kind of dry, kind of droll” with a little bit of deadpan.
“It works well for the show, actually,” she said.
“We were told by the prime minister’s office that he had a sense of humour, but we thought we would wait and see and sure enough, yeah, he delivered.”
In its fourth season on CTV, Corner Gas is filmed on location about 40 kilometres south of Regina in the tiny farming community of Rouleau.
Doing a Corner Gas cameo is quickly developing into a rite of passage for senior politicians.
Former prime minister Paul Martin filmed a Corner Gas scene last season and Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert has also made an appearance on the show.
The episode with Harper will be broadcast sometime next spring.
Thompson was reluctant to talk about the scene, saying that would violate rules of the set.
But she did allow that it involved a press scrum with some actors posing as reporters – a tad ironic given Harper’s touchy relationship with the real media in Ottawa.
“He knew his lines, he had them down pat,” she said. “We had to take several different kinds of shots, but he actually never blew a line.”