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Nostalgic Sesame Street DVD set coming in October
For the first time ever, Sesame Workshop is planning to release Classic Sesame Street on DVD. Sesame Workshop has not yet announced if the set will contain complete episodes or skit compilations.
In September, Sesame Workshop stated that they were considering the possibility of releasing “classic” Sesame Street material on DVD, but not to expect anything anytime soon. This is due to the necessary development time, many legalities and several other organizational issues that would need to be addressed first.
There is now light at the end of the tunnel. Recently we received the following response from Sesame Workshop on the issue:
We are planning to release a “Sesame Street Nostalgia Box Set”, however this is something that will not happen until October ’06.
In the meantime, we released a boxed set of The Electric Company in February ’06, and there are plans for a second volume of The Electric Company as well.
So, now it is official. The first DVD box set of “classic” Sesame Street material should be released (if all goes as planned) in October 2006.
There are no further details on the set available at this time, but we’ll be sure to keep you all updated as more information is revealed on this exciting upcoming release.