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Police Squad! – Frank Drebin’s Almost Ready To Roll, And We’ve Got The Street Date!
The day after Christmas this past year we broke the news that Paramount Home Entertainment had officially revealed to us that Police Squad! was on its way to DVD in 2006. The short-run series starring Leslie Nielsen only lasted 6 episodes, but was important in that it led up to the release of all three Naked Gun films, which were a big-screen extension of the show’s premise. Now, on Memorial Day, we’ve got the street date for this long-awaited, highly anticipated release!
How long before Police Squad! – The Complete Series DVDs hit store shelves?
Well, the studio hasn’t made a formal announcement yet, but word among our industry sources is that this is planned to hit the streets on November 7th!
Remember to count this as a “rumor” until the formal date is announced by the studio, because until then it’s always subject to change. We don’t know about costs or extras or anything else yet, though. Just that date, and to expect all 6 episodes that include guest stars such as Lorne Greene, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Tommy Lasorda, K. Callan, Robert Goulet, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Spencer Milligan, William Shatner, John Ashton, Florence Henderson, Dick Miller, William Conrad, and Dick Clark.
Stay tuned, and we’ll have more for you about this just as soon as we can!