Can we bring a two-four to the “24” movie?

Sutherland reveals 24 movie plans
Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that a movie version of his hit US TV show 24 is to film in London.
The actor, who plays hero Jack Bauer in the thriller series, told chat show host Jonathan Ross about his plans on Ross’s BBC One show.
“We’re working on that,” he said. “We’ll shoot the film here. We’re really excited about it.
“In the US, 24 was slow to catch on but in the UK it was big so Fox stuck with it, so thank you Britain.”
Sutherland has starred in the Fox TV show for five series and is reported to have signed up for three more.
The show was considered groundbreaking when it first aired in 2001 because it was screened in “real time” with one day spread over 24 episodes.
Sutherland’s performance in 24 won him a Golden Globe award in 2002 and he has also been nominated for four Emmys.
The actor rose to fame in films such as the 1987 teenage vampire film The Lost Boys and the movie Flatliners with his former fiancee Julia Roberts.
His next big screen outing will be in crime thriller The Sentinel, opposite Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger.
He is also voicing a character in Disney’s latest cartoon feature, The Wild, in which he plays a lion called Samson.