Doctor Who

Congratulations to cast and crew!!

Doctor Who Triumphs at 2006 BAFTA Awards
Doctor Who was the main winner at this weekend’s prestigious industry awards, the BAFTA Awards (or British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards), taking all three of the awards for which it was nominated. Billie Piper and a Dalek accepted the award for Best Drama Series, as well as the Pioneer Audience Award for best television programme of 2005. Russell T Davies won the Dennis Potter Award for outstanding writing for television, which was presented to him by a kilted David Tennant. Davies is reported as saying, “We were told that bringing it back would be impossible, that we would never capture this generation of children. But we did it.”
The show’s success, alongside a number of other BBC successes, dominates much of the early coverage of the awards ceremony, with a two-minute report appearing on BBC News 24 and BBC One’s evening news (also available online at BBC News); this report includes a brief clip of the Dalek arriving for the ceremony and David Tennant speaking to reporters on the programme’s “cross-nation appeal”. The Guardian appears to be making Doctor Who’s awards front-page news, with “Doctor Who finally materialises on red carpet as TV series scoops drama prize” concentrating on the supposed previous lack of industry awards for the series, discussed by Russell T Davies in a recent Guardian podcast.