Will you buy any of them?

Three ‘Titanic’ DVD editions set sail October 25
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Three different editions of “Titanic” will be released October 25 on DVD, but only one will be available for North American consumers.
A three-disc “special collector’s edition” of the world’s biggest movie will only be issued in the U.S., Japan and Korea, said Thomas Lesinksi, president of worldwide home entertainment at Paramount Pictures.
“Titanic” fans in Europe, Australia and Latin America will get to choose between a two-disc special edition and a four-disc “deluxe collector’s edition.”
All three DVD editions feature a nine-minute alternate ending to the film, which has never been seen before; a branching feature that lets viewers access 50 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage as they watch the movie; and three new commentaries, one from director James Cameron, one from cast and crew and a third that takes a historical look at the real-life sinking of the luxury ocean liner.
The three- and four-disc editions also feature more than 45 minutes of deleted scenes, including the passionate kiss between Jack and Rose and the couple’s final moments together; various production and special effects featurettes; and a TV special, “Breaking Ground,” about the making of the landmark 1997 film.
The four-disc edition also comes with three “Titanic” parodies, a selection of trailers and “The Heart of the Ocean,” an HBO First Look TV special about the movie.
“Titanic” remains the top-grossing movie of all time, with domestic box office earnings of more than $600 million and a worldwide tally of $1.8 billion. “Titanic” was first released on DVD in 1998 in a single-disc edition that sold about 1 million copies.