I will be watching the season one dvd set this long weekend!

Walt, the friendly kid with potentially mysterious powers, is missing from this new cast photo of “Lost.”
When ABC recently posted the latest press photo to promote the show’s second season, Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) was conspicuously absent.
At the end of last season, Walt was kidnapped by a group of strangers, who on the show are called the “Others.” The evil bunch took the kid and tried to kill his father by blowing up the raft he and his fellow castaways built to escape the increasingly strange island and its mysterious inhabitants.
All year it appeared as if Walt, who is supposed to be about 10 years old, had some sort of supernatural powers himself.
In the first episode, he was seen reading a comic book featuring a polar bear, and shortly after the castaways killed a polar bear – in a tropical jungle. At the end of the season, Walt seemed to have premonitions about various events, warning his friends and father not to do certain things.
All along, “Lost” fans have wondered how producers would handle the impending growth spurt all child-actors go through. Walt’s abduction may be the answer.
“I like the theory that the Others will do something to him to make him grow fast,” wrote a fan going by the name nonnyd on the unofficial “Lost” Web site, The site is sponsored by show creator J.J. Abrams and frequently features messages from the actors to fans.
“[Maybe] something like human growth hormone but with some modifications. Malcolm David Kelley does too good a job in the role to be ignored for long,” nonnyd wrote.
Meanwhile, rumors abound that Walt may not even appear on season 2. Several fans have tried to contract Kelley and producers about the matter, but have not gotten a reply.
A show official declined to comment about Walt’s fate yesterday, citing her responsibility to keep the show’s mysteries a secret and not spoil it for fans.
“Lost” follows the adventures of a group of people stranded on an enigmatic island after their jet airliner crashes there on the way from Australia to the United States.
The show became one of the biggest hits last season and has spawned a slew of supernatural copy-cat series that will debut on various networks this fall.