Having trouble keeping up with all the “Law & Orders”?
Well, a new Web site popped up last week that keeps track of all ó and we mean all ó the versions of “L&O” that are on every day.
Original and repeats.
The site is called “When is Law & Order On?”, and the answer to that question seems to be almost all the time.
From “Criminal Intent” to “SVU” to the original “L&O,” the site shows that the series is on sometimes 10 hours a day across NBC, TNT and USA.
It is hard to tell if the site is purely practical ó or something of a joke about how creator Dick Wolf’s cops-and-courts franchise has taken over TV.
It is full of listings info ó including synopses of each episode that will air over the next week.
It even provides a bar chart showing how many episodes a day are on the air. (For the record, there is no such thing as a day without “Law & Order.”)
The creator of the bare-bones site gives little information about his identity ó or what motivated him to provide this public service.
“My name is William, and one day I thought it would be neat to know when ‘Law & Order’ is on,” he wrote on his site.