The Simpsons

There wasn’t one Smithers joke at all!!!!

‘Simpsons’ character comes out of the closet
Marge Simpson’s sister is out of there.
In a twist that shocked few, chain-smoking Patty revealed she’s gay on last night’s much-hyped episode of The Simpsons.
As Homer put it: “Big surprise! Here’s another surprise — I like beer!”
Last night’s episode, There’s Something About Marrying, saw Springfield legalize gay marriage to attract tourists. When Rev. Lovejoy refuses — “I can’t marry two people of the same sex any more than I can put a hamburger in a hot dog bun” — Homer becomes a minister in the hopes of generating — as the town’s mayor put it “hot gobs of gay green.”
In the end, Patty remains single since her bride-to-be turns out to be a man disguised as a woman.
“I like girls!” Patty declares before leaving him/her at the altar. Can a cameo by the ladies of The L Word be far behind?