Mistakes are fun!

Hollywood loves lists, especially in awards season – but there’s one list it isn’t going to be happy about: the Top 15 Biggest Movie Mistakes of 2004.
The British Web site, which delights in spotting continuity goofs, says the No. 1 mistake of the year came during the famous train scene in “Spider-Man 2”:
At one point, Spidey’s mask gets a dirty mark on it, but when the camera cuts away and returns, the spot is mysteriously gone.
You may have never noticed it, but the site’s 25-year-old Web master, Jon Sandys, has been making note of such film flubs since he was 17.
He’s even published a “Movie Mistakes” book, which includes classic big-screen glitches such as the gas tank that’s visible in the back of one of the Roman chariots in “Gladiator.”
Sandys’ site gets more than 20,000 hits a day, he says, and as of yesterday, visitors had helped him identify 43,466 mistakes from 3,969 films.
They also helped compile the top 15 list by voting for their favorite mistakes, although Sandys admits that he fudged some of the voting, “so that ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ and ‘Spider-Man 2′ didn’t fill the list themselves.”
Here are some more of Sandys’ favorite 2004 movie blunders:
* “Kill Bill, Vol 2.” After The Bride arrives in Bill’s house, there’s a moment when he’s cutting the crusts off a sandwich – at least at first. When the camera angle changes, he’s cutting the sandwich in half.
* “Secret Window.” When John Turturro pins Johnny Depp’s character against a tree with a shovel, you can see that the shovel is made of rubber, because it’s bending around Depp’s neck.
* “Mean Girls.” After a party scene, a character gets frightened and tosses all the popcorn out of a bowl. But in the next shot, the popcorn is back in the bowl.
* “Starsky & Hutch.” During the disco scene, Hutch picks up Starsky’s badge and waves it at the crowd, but the next moment, the badge is back on the floor.
* “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” When Harry’s feet are getting chomped by the magical book with teeth (“The Monster Book of Monsters”), the room’s proportions grow and shrink to accommodate the action.
* “Hellboy.” At one point, Hellboy tosses Dr. Manning underneath a swiftly closing door that’s open just enough for him to roll under. Then Hellboy does battle with a menacing pendulum for about 30 seconds and dives for the door himself, which is still open just as wide.
* “Along Came Polly.” There’s a miraculously mobile loofah sponge in the scene when Ben Stiller visits Jennifer Aniston’s apartment for the first time. The sponge’s handle wobbles back and forth in her purse from shot to shot.