Get well soon, Wendy!

CBC on-air personality Wendy Mesley undergoing treatment for breast cancer
TORONTO (CP) – Wendy Mesley, the Gemini-winning CBC journalist and host of the network’s investigative consumer show Marketplace, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
“It sucks,” Mesley said during an interview on CBC Radio on Friday morning.
“She’s working in between her treatments,” said CBC spokeswoman Ruth-Ellen Soles. “She’s in great spirits and is handling it the way she handles everything else, with gusto and guts and energy and a very positive attitude.”
Soles said Mesley learned the news a few months ago. While she has reduced her workload at the CBC, she will be doing Marketplace this week and continues as a backup news reader for The National.
Mesley began her broadcast career in 1976 as a radio reporter in Toronto. She moved to television in ’79 with CTV Montreal affiliate CFCF, then to CBC-TV as a legislative reporter in Quebec City. In 1985 she moved to Ottawa as a parliamentary correspondent for The National and later became the anchor for Sunday Report. In 1994 she helped create and host CBC’s Undercurrents, a series that looked at the Media and marketing worlds.
In 2001 she switched to CBC’s new investigative program Disclosure and in 2002 to Marketplace.