I like eggs!

Dodge Ball Easter Eggs
On 20th Century Fox Home Entertainmentís release of ‘Dodge Ball’ the studio has included some very interesting Easter Eggs in a very cool manner.
From the DVDís Main Menu go to the ‘Special Features’ section and there use the directional keys on your remote control to highlight the Purple Cobra logo. Then press the ‘Enter’ key and youíll see Ben Stiller in a fat suit congratulating you on being a loser and finding the Easter Egg.
He then goes on to tell you that during the movie, every time he snaps his fingers you can press the ‘Enter’ key on your remote control to see extra bloopers and other clips.
And lo and beholdÖ if you press the ‘enter’ key during the movie every time he snaps his fingers, you really DO get access to additional clips, so check it out.