And what a behind it is!!

Emma Puts ‘Baby Spice’ Behind Her
NEW YORK (Billboard) – Emma Bunton was once known as Baby Spice; that is, when she was one-fifth of multi-million selling girl group the Spice Girls. These days, she is known as Emma. Period.
Her U.S. solo debut, “Free Me,” is due Jan. 25 via 19 Recordings/Universal. Wildly buoyant, the album is equal parts Petula Clark, Motown and Burt Bacharach-with sun-bleached splashes of bossa nova.
In November, remixes of the title track went top 5 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music Club Play chart and top 10 on the Hot Dance Radio Airplay tally, and Emma couldn’t be happier with that success.
“When I first heard that the dance remixes were on their way up the charts in the U.S., I was ecstatic,” the 28-year-old told by phone from her home in London. “I couldn’t wait to get there.”
Which she did in September when she participated in the 11th annual Billboard Dance Music Summit in New York. She shared her experiences — along with Martha Wash, DJ Rap, Ultra Nate and Esthero — on the panel, On Your Knees: Hero Worship.
“It was amazing,” she said of her trip to Gotham. “It gave me the feeling that things are really rolling (for me) in the U.S. I feel like it’s happening quickly there.”
Last month, Emma spent 10 days in India, where she was filming a “celebrity swap” documentary for the U.K.’s BBC2. Emma says she was filmed experiencing life as a Bollywood celebrity. “I was being filmed every day,” she said. The documentary compares the Bollywood and British celebrity scenes.
On a purely celebrity front, a striking difference between the two countries is the paparazzi, she notes. “In India, you get out of a car and the press immediately approaches you. There is no red carpet. Nothing separates you from the camera.” And since the Spice Girls were popular in India, Emma says she was constantly hearing shouts of, “Hey, Spice Girl!”
While filming the documentary, Emma was offered and accepted a small part in a Bollywood film. “I will never forget that experience,” she said. “They work without schedules, which is very different from England where everything is perfectly scheduled. They thought nothing of ringing you up and saying, ‘Let’s do an interview.’ They also don’t believe in storyboards.”
While such a working environment would be chaotic for some, Emma said it was all very relaxed, chilled and spiritual. “I felt very calm there.”
These days, with the holiday season in full swing, she is likely feeling less calm. “I have lots of shopping to do,” she acknowledged. “I’m like a big kid at this time of year. It’s about being at home with my family — in your pajamas, eating, catching up on TV and watching old films.” (She admitted to having a soft spot in her heart for “Dirty Dancing” and “Mary Poppins” with Julie Andrews.)
After the holidays, Emma said she’ll return to the United States for a promotional tour surrounding the album’s release. “I may even celebrate my birthday (Jan. 21) there,” she said.
Looking back at her days with the Spice Girls, Emma said they always received much support from U.S. fans. “They were always there for us — which is why I always feel so at home there.”
According to 19 Recordings/Universal, “Maybe” will be the next U.S. single from Emma’s album. Remixes are forthcoming in the New Year.