Here’s hoping “Lisa” is more consistantly funny than “Joey” is.

Lisa Kudrow is the second former “Friends” cast member to land a new show.
HBO has ordered 13 episodes for a series starring Kudrow as a one-time sitcom star who is trying to revive her career.
Kudrow and former “Sex and the City” executive producer Michael Patrick King co-wrote the pilot script for the new series, to be called “Comeback,” and will executive produce the series.
In the pilot, directed by King, Kudrow was joined by co-stars Robert Michael Morris, Damian Young, Laura Silverman, Malin Akerman and Robert Bagnell
“Comeback” is the first half-hour show picked up by HBO since “Sex and the City” bowed out last spring.
Matt LeBlanc stars in “Joey,” a “Friends” spin-off.