I’m sure I will see it eventually, because Angelina Jolie is in it, but I have no actual interest in seeing it.

Critics Blast ‘Alexander’ But Novelist Defends It
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – While critics savaged Oliver Stone’s long-waited epic “Alexander,” novelist and social activist Gore Vidal rallied to the $160 million movie’s defense saying it was “barrier-breaking” because of its frank depiction of bisexuality.
Stone’s film opened on Wednesday to near universal pans from critics who called it everything from a “noble failure” to an “indifferent epic.”
The Charlotte, North Carolina, Observer said the movie was “an act of hubris so huge, that, in Alexander’s time, it would draw lightning bolts from contemptuous gods.”
Vidal said the critics failed to see it was a seminal movie because of its treatment of Alexander’s bisexuality.
The film, based on historical accounts, deals matter-of-factly with the ancient Macedonian king’s affairs with both men and women — an issue many in Hollywood predicted would harm its box office chances.
In an interview with Reuters, Vidal said the film was “a breakthrough in what you can make films about. Movies are always the last to register changes in society and this movie does it.”
Vidal’s novels and plays, including the hit drama “The Best Man,” often deal with once taboo gay themes. He said American filmmakers had thrown up a wall against showing bisexuality out of fear of alienating the public.
“But I don’t see why they should be so upset since the public practices it,” he said.
Daily Variety called the film, “at best an honorable failure, an intelligent and ambitious picture that crucially lacks dramatic flair and emotional involvement.”
The Los Angeles Times said “‘Alexander’ could have been a movie worth remembering. what we get is an indifferent epic.”