In other words, don’t buy the DVD in November!

Wait for Raimi Commentary Until ‘Spider-Man 2.5’
LOS ANGELES ( – The “Spider-Man 2” DVD is scheduled to be released Nov. 30 with more than 10 hours of bonus materials and commentaries but director Sam Raimi (“A Simple Plan”) tells that his contribution to the “Spider-Man 2.5” DVD won’t be ready until much later.
“I know I won’t be done with my part of it,” says Raimi who is working on new effect shots, editing, and storyboarding new scenes for the “Spider-Man 2.5” DVD. “I don’t think I can be done until January at least, maybe February.”
“Spider-Man 2.5” will be an extended cut of “Spider-Man 2.” Raimi says that he will complete scenes that he didn’t have the cash to finish when he did Spidey 2.
“I board-out with my artists a lot of the sequences in the Spider-Man movies that I eventually cut down for pacing sake, most often times for money sake — we can’t afford them,” explains the director while out doing press for the Sarah Michelle Gellar horror flick “The Grudge.”
Raimi says that the additional scenes are short but take a lot of time to create.
“It may not seem like a lot to you but it’s a lot to me. It’s like six seconds new of the train, there’s going to be like eight seconds new of some water fight you never saw, there’s like 12 seconds new on this battle building,” Raimi explains. “For me though 12 seconds is six shots that all have to be figured out, and within thattwo2 seconds the amount of animation for each of those tentacles and how Spidey’s going to move and it’s very complicated for me.”
In epic films like Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings,” extra footage released on DVD is often provided by scenes cut from the film and story left out of the novels. However, Raimi says that’s not the case for “Spider-Man 2.5.”
“We have to work the other way: what won’t they [the audience] mind that we could put in?” he says.
Raimi says that releasing 2.5 as well as “Spider-Man 2” is simply a financial decision by the Sony. “They know that people who like the second movie would want to own it as it is on DVD. And then it’s just a gamble. ‘Oh if we spend another four million dollars can we make another $10 million?’ I think that’s how it works,” he explains.
“It’s not really that I had some scenes to put in. The movie really was the best I could make it. It’s not like I could see how you make it better. But I said, ‘Okay, if you want to spend money and really give the kids a few more action scenes in there, that’s fine it’s [the] kids choice if they want to spend that money,’ but then I think it’s fair.”
“Spider-Man 2” is scheduled to be released Nov. 30. “Spider-Man 2.5” as yet has no scheduled release date.