Upon further viewing, “Spidey 2” is a better film that I first thought.

Raimi Spills About ‘Spidey 3’
LOS ANGELES ( – The villains featured in the next “Spider-Man” movie have yet to be unmasked, but writer/director Sam Raimi says they’ll be chosen after they pick apart Peter Parker’s angst.
While doing press for the horror film “The Grudge,” which he produced, Raimi tells that they’re making progress on “Spider-Man 3” and he reveals that it’s probably the final film in the blockbuster franchise for the high-flying superhero.
At the moment the identities of the villains remain a mystery even to Raimi himself. “I’m not supposed to tell you, and in fact I can’t tell you — because I’m still figuring that out with my brother,” says Raimi, adding that he and his brother Ivan (“Army of Darkness”) don’t plan on writing “Spider-Man 3” all on their own. “[We’re] bringing in the really good writers like Alvin Sargent, (“Spider-Man 2”) and maybe Michael Chabon (“Spider-Man 2″) if I can get him – yeah the best in the business.”
However, the Raimi brothers have already kick started the process by posing a number of questions for Parker, Spidey’s alter-ego.
“We’re writing the story right now and we’re starting by determining what Peter Parker’s journey is as a human being,” says Raimi. “What deficits does he have? Where was he at the end of the last film and what is it that he still has to learn? How will this relationship with the woman he loves evolve from this point forward and what will be their new obstacles? Will it come from outside sources or will it be something from within that destroys their love? These are the questions were asking.”
Raimi helmed the first two films that star Tobey Maguire (“Seabiscuit”) and Kirsten Dunst (“Wimbledon.”)
Raimi says that once he and his brother know what the characters want, where they’re headed, and what it is they have to learn, they will then try to find a villain who best represents those conflicts. “So it’s maybe kind of a backwards way to chose a villain. That’s why I can’t quite say yet. I haven’t quite figured it out yet,” admits the director.
Principal photography for “Spider-Man 3” is scheduled to commence in January 2006 and the director confesses that he would love to make a fourth film. But he says, “I know how quickly things turn in Hollywood, so I know after this third one that will be it.”
And besides, Raimi admits that he is afraid to ask Sony chairman Amy Pascal about continuing the franchise.
“I never have asked her but I have the feeling that she just wants this one to be the final one. She’s very emotionally attached to them and wants us to have a sense of completion to it for the audience,” Raimi says. “[She feels] that they probably would like to see a ‘Spider-Man 3,’ but not any more. So she wants to make it complete and final without setting up new things at the end, like the end of the second one.”
This year “Spider-Man 2” has grossed over $371 million at the box office, second only to “Shrek 2” that grossed more than $436 million.