I’ve still got Jorja on my mind.

CBS is seeking two new actors who are remarkably like the two they just fired óGeorge Eads and Jorja Fox ó from TV’s top-rated drama, “CSI,” in a salary dispute.
A casting call sheet circulated yesterday among Hollywood talent agencies saying the network is looking for a male character and a female character who, based on descriptions, won’t differ much from Eads’ Nick Stokes and Fox’s Sara Sidle.
According to the sheet, both characters will be in their “late-20s to mid-30s” and should be “sexy, edgy and intelligent” ó in other words, not far from the characters played by Eads and Fox, who were fired last week after demanding pay increases and reportedly threatening not to show up for work.
Eads and Fox were reportedly pulling in about $100,000-per-episode, or roughly $2.2 million a year.
CBS chief Les Moonves told reporters earlier this week that the network wasn’t sure if “CSI” would replace Eads and Fox.
Moonves said the actors could be replaced, or that co-stars like Gary Dourdan (Warrick) and Paul Guilfoyle (Brass) could have their roles beefed up.
Photos of both Fox and Eads were still posted on CBS’ “CSI” Web site as of late yesterday.