Eight episodes!! Woo hoo!!! Awesome!!! Bring them on!!!

Graham is Golden for Extended ‘Scrubs’ Stint
LOS ANGELES ( From the underbelly of the porn industry to the bloody dark alleys of Victorian London, Heather Graham has done acting stints in some dysfunctional environments, but wait until she meets the doctors of Sacred Heart. The “Boogie Nights” co-star has signed on for an eight-episode guest-starring role on NBC’s “Scrubs.”
“Heather Graham is a first-class actress whose beauty and comic sensibilities will mesh perfectly with the unique humor of ‘Scrubs,'” says NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly.
As had been rumored, the actress will play an attending psychiatrist on the medical comedy. Creator Bill Lawrence is already looking forward to weaving Graham into the plotlines for the fourth season of “Scrubs.”
“I’ve always found Heather incredibly funny and can’t wait to start writing this character for her,” Lawrence says. “Although her character will be a professionally competent shrink, her personal life will be a train wreck. She’ll shine the light on all the other characters’ dysfunctional behaviors and will be a foil for Dr. Cox and a mentor to Elliot.”
Graham will make her first “Scrubs” appearance in the show’s season premiere, which comes on Wednesday, Aug. 30.
In addition to more serious roles in “From Hell” and “Drugstore Cowboy,” Graham has appeared in a variety of big screen comedies including “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and “Bowfinger.” She made a visit to FOX’s “Arrested Development” this past season, adding to a television resume that includes the second season of “Twin Peaks” and several episodes of “Growing Pains.”