The JEwel CD is so much better than Metallica’s. Way better! Oh well, I “bought” both, so I guess that cancelled me out.

Jewel Is Denied No. 1 Spot by Metallica
NEW YORK РJewel was on track to have the first No. 1 album debut in her career ó until Metallica decided to release their album a few days early to blunt the effect of bootleggers.
As a result, Jewel’s new disc, “0304,” has debuted at No. 2, with 144,000 copies sold.
Metallica’s “St. Anger” was No. 1, with 418,000 copies sold, according to industry figures released Wednesday. The album was originally due to be released this week, but instead went on sale last Thursday.
In an interview with The Associated Press, Jewel was nonchalant about her almost No. 1. “It’s all out of my control,” she said.
She added that it’s still the highest-debuting record she’s ever had: “It’s really unusual that you’ll have a higher-debuting record than any other record in your career. Usually, 10 years into your career, it’s going down.”
“0304” is a departure for the 29-year-old singer-songwriter; she’s traded in her folklike ballads for a dance beat. In addition, her image has gotten sexier; her new video features her dressed in skimpy, revealing clothes.