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Waters Looking For Sex Addicts
Calling all female sex addicts
DIRTY SHAME director John Waters is looking for a female lead to play a convenience store owner who develops uncontrollable sexual urges after suffering from a concussion. With Johnny Knoxville (JACKASS), Selma Blair (LEGALLY BLONDE) and Paul Giamatti (PLANET OF THE APES) already on board, Waters told Variety “I wish Meryl Streep would do it but I don’t think she would.
It has to be somebody real, who looks like they could belong in a convenience store and in Hollywood these days, women in their forties who look real are hard to find.”
Waters is going back to the craziness of his earlier films POLYESTER and PINK FLAMINGOS. “It’s a sex education film that asks the question, ‘Can tolerance go too far?’ It’s also based on a really true fact, and I’ve of course exaggerated it. But there are a tiny percentage of concussion sufferers who have a carnal lust they cannot control. Of course in this film, they take over a whole neighborhood.”