INDY IV Script is Done
Harrison Ford says the script to INDIANA JONES IV is done.
Harrison Ford told SCI FI Wire that Frank Darabont has completed his script for a proposed fourth Indiana Jones movie. “Steven [Spielberg]’s quite happy with it,” Ford said in an interview. “I’m expecting to see it in a couple of weeks.”
Ford added that he worked closely with director Spielberg, Darabont and executive producer George Lucas on the story. “The way the process works is that George and Frank work together, then Steven gets the script, then I get the script, and we all work together. We all met together and talked about it before they started writing.”
Ford said that he remains eager to reprise his most famous role because of fans’ demands for a fourth installment in the franchise. “It pleases me to play a character that audiences want to see,” he said. “I know that it’s eagerly anticipated, and I want us to do a good job, make a film at least as good as the ones we’ve made before.” The fourth as-yet-untitled Indy movie is slated to begin filming in the summer of 2004, with an eye to a July 2005 release.